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December 14, 2018 1 min read

Hi Gorillas,

I hope that you're having a successful week and enjoying life. Today's newsletter is about my advice from six years of calisthenics how to get through the cold winter without hurting your joints:

1. You should always wear several layers of clothing above each other that your whole body stays warm. Especially your elbows and shoulders should always keep touch with the textile above it that the heat is saved in the clothing. 

2. Warm up really well and know this: a muscle can be warmed up in seconds but a joint needs a lot more attention and time to get warm. The liquid in your joints takes more than 20 minutes to get warmed up. 

3. Stretching after your workout helps a lot to keep your joints moving and active. You should take a few minutes to stretch after your workout and also a big hint from me: stretch during the day for 30 seconds when you're waiting for the bus or sitting on the toilet. You should take a few minutes throughout the day to spare hours of pain.

These were the most important advices that helped me a lot to get pain- and injuryfree though the winter. I hope they help you and that you can take the advice. If you have any other topics you want to have input or advice to concerning street workout or calisthenics tell us down below in the comments.

Make this winter a great one and keep growing


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