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After the order has been shipped from our warehouse you will receive a mail with all the information to track your order and see where it is. If you're struggling with this don't hesitate to write a mail to with your order number and your name to get more information.

This depends heavily on the country you want to ship to. You can check out the shipping times and costs by going into checkout and entering your address. In the step after this you will be shown the shipping costs.

We're offering sizing guides for every GORNATION product on the product page. You always find the Sizing & Fit button underneath the "Add to Cart". If you want specific guidance for your size shoot us a mail with your weight, height and favorite clothing style (loose, slim fit) to We're happy to help you.

If your product is not available at the moment you can enter your mail address to be notified when it is back on stock. Most of the times it doesn't take more than 1-2 weeks. Otherwise you can ask specifically by writing a mail to

You find all the information for returning products in our Shipping & Returns Page.


GORNATION stands for "GORilla NATION" because the gorilla represents a lot of positive attributes like social behavior, strength, aesthetics and a majestic appearance. We're going against the aggressive image of gorillas because it's simply not true. Gorillas are social animals who just get angry when somebody wants to hurt them or their beloved ones. Who wouldn't?

Long story short: GORNATION was founded officially in November 2015 by Philipp and Daniel with the idea to create a neutral brand for all calisthenics and street workout athletes, no matter if they do freestyle, weighted or sets and reps. No hate and everybody's invited. Daniel dropped out quite fast and Philipp was in front of the decision to quit, too or to keep going. He kept going. To connect people and bring them together we're is producing clothing and equipment since the beginning of 2016. The special thing about GORNATION is that all employees are passioned about bodyweight sports and active athletes. This passion drives us every day. If you're interested in reading more you can check out this blog article about the GORNATION beginning.

We have promises that we're keeping to guarantee the Gorilla Nation is growing and having a deep trust level with its fans. 

1. We never accept an unhappy customer. We always find a solution to meet or exceed expectations.

2. We never drop a product that we would not buy or use ourselves. Otherwise it wouldn't feel good as active athletes.

3. We're doing everything in our reach to help and make calisthenics and street workout grow and supporting events, athletes and projects around the world.

Business Relations

We're offering the possibility to businesses like gyms or personal trainers the possibility to go into a merchant relation. If you're interested in selling GORNATION products shoot a mail to

You can earn commission on the sales you drive to our store and monetize your audience while offering them high quality products from a known brand in the scene. Just shoot a mail to to get more information and ask for an invitation into our affiliate program.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsored athlete at GORNATION we have a blog article with all the information and requirements. You can find it here with the contact details.