April 09, 2018


How crazy was the last weekend? Hood Training invited all athletes to join the BAR WARRIOR 2018 in Bremen. Your team from GORNATION was there together with you guys!


Without any doubt the most epic happening were the battles and public challenges. We have wrapped up the results of those right here:

    1. Strength Battle „Oldschool vs. Newschool“: Lee Wade Turner (UK) vs. Lionel Zod Yaouli (FR)
      1. Set:
        1. 10 Muscleups +10 Kg
        2. 20 Press ups +20 Kg
        3. 30 Pullups + 20 Kg
        4. 30 Dips +30 Kg
        5. 20 Backsquats 100 Kg 
        6. 10 Muscleups Bodyweight
      2. Winner: Lee Wade Turner, with just a few muscle ups in the lead
      3. You can find a video of the battle hier.
    2. Strength „Battle of the Amazones“: Dietina Freutsich (Calisthenics Wetzlar) vs. Sinia Tasmin (Calisthenics Wetzlar)
      1. Set:
        1. 3 Ring Muscleups +5 Kg
        2. 5 Sec Backlever
        3. 10 Pullups +10 Kg
        4. 10 Dips +16 Kg
        5. 10 Deadlifts +75 Kg
        6. 10 Pushups +10 Kg
      2. Winner: Sinia Strohbach
    3. Strength Battle „Germany’s Strongest“: Leon Streit (Calisthenic Movement) vs. Micha Schulz (Team VIA FORTIS)
      1. Set:
        1. 5 Handstand Pushups
        2. 10 Muscleups +5 Kg
        3. 10 Pullups +40 Kg
        4. 10 Dips +50 Kg
        5. 10 Deadlifts +150 Kg
        6. 20 Sec Straddle Planche (airtime)
      2. Winner: Michael Schulz by finishing the planche airtime 4 seconds faster
    4. Public Challenges-Winner
      1. Pull-Ups: Christine Kring with 37 Reps
      2. Last Man Hanging: Malte (member oft he expo-crew) with astonishing 4:43 minutes.
      3. Push Ups: Once again Christine Kring with 85 Reps
      4. Muscle Ups: David Wollschläger with 14 Reps

Besides the battles the workshops held by Nik&Sinia gave us a lot of input when it comes to training the right way. We can only recommend to check them out.

There has been so much stuff going on over at BAR WARRIOR in Bremen and we could keep on talking about it for days. We think it is easier for you to click here and check out the #barwarrior-content on Instagram.

Moreover you can still purchase the official BAR WARRIOR merchandise HERE.


Blog Article by Sascha Dejas. Instagram: @khalisthenix)

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